Worth sticking with ‘Community’?

By , November 18, 2009

Maureen Ryan has her mid-season review of the TV shows, and this is what she has to say about ‘Community’:
“Community,” 7 p.m. Central Thursday, NBC: Tonally, “Community” can’t quite decide what it wants to be — a parody of network comedies, a broad, loud sitcom full of stock characters or a subtle, “Office”-style mockumentary featuring real-seeming people. But at this point, most of the “Community” characters are still too one-dimensional and there’s a swaggering smugness to Jeff (Joel McHale) that remains off-putting, despite the half-hearted attempts to humanize him. The most reliable source of comedy is the breakout character Abed (Danny Pudi), whose deadpan line readings are consistently hilarious. (My original review of “Community” is here.)

Will I stick with it? Not sure. I may check it out intermittently, mostly for Abed.

Grade: B-

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