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Friday Clips

By , September 16, 2011

Get ready to start krumping. Your Friday is about to get twenty times better. We’ve got the most #StreetsAhead Community clip coming your way!

It’s clear that the Human Beings know how to have a good time, but things can get pretty serious on campus too. In Community’s latest mashup, they explore the more sinister side of the study group. Plus, catch up with Joel McHale, dean (and new series regular) Jim Rash, and incredible guest star John Goodman in the behind-the-scenes interviews below. And you’ve been waiting all summer for your first look at Season 3… and here it is!! The video is more than a sneak peek at the dean faceoff… it’s your first look at new Biology teacher Michael K. Williams (#OmarComin!)

The Darker Side of Community

Watch a thrilling montage of lust, deception and betrayal at GCC!

John Goodman on Community
The veteran actor talks about coming to Community this season.

Joel McHale on Season 3
Community star Joel McHale – AKA Jeff Winger – reveals a few secrets about the upcoming season.

Jim Rash on Season 3
The actor behind Dean Pelton gives a glimpse of how the next semester of Community is shaping up.

Dean vs. Dean
Watch what happens when Dean Pelton takes on a rival dean played by – who else? – John Goodman!

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How NBC’s Community Promotes Community Colleges

By , November 1, 2010
Chevy Chase at the premiere of Baby Mama in Ne...
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When NBC’s Community premiered last season, critics agreed that the show was sure to be a hit. Armed with a delightful cast — reviewers were pleasantly surprised by Joel McHale and Chevy Chase’s acting abilities — each episode delivers a sharp, quirky and often laugh-out-loud funny script.
All of these things set the program apart from lesser sitcoms, but it is the way that Community capitalizes on the community college experience that makes it really stand out.

Read the full story on Huffington Post

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Katharine McPhee Discusses Her Community Guest-Starring Role

By , March 8, 2010

Katharine McPhee Discussed Her Community Guest-Starring Role with Movie Web; here are the highlights:

What did you think of Community? Were you a big fan?

Katharine McPhee: You know it’s funny. I tell the story, Joel – I got on the show and obviously, you know, I was in a really crazy cycle because I was just coming off of my first promo week of my record being released and so I wasn’t watching any television at that time. And Joel was like so, you know, how do you like our show, you been watching it? And I was like, uh, I’ve seen it but I haven’t been seeing it. And he goes – he was like oh, that’s horrible. He was like, that’s horrible, you’re on our show and you haven’t even watched it. He was like, you’d better go home and watch it. And I swear to you since then I’ve TiVoed and watched, you know, because I haven’t been home – literally watched every episode. And, I just – I just think of – in all sincerity, separate from me being a part of the show for this one episode, I think it’s one of NBC’s best shows on TV right now, because it’s so well written. All the characters are so defined and, you know, I just wish the best for all of them on that show because they really deserve it. It’s a great show.

Will we see you in Community again? Is there a chance for you to come on again?

Katharine McPhee: You know, I think there’s always a chance. I was discussing – no, well I wasn’t discussing. The producers had come up to me – they always have a couple of characters come back and reoccur. And they said, “Well oh, maybe we’ll be able to have you back,” which was always a nice thing to hear. It means you did a good job and – but of course if my show – I got this pilot that I got which was also an NBC show, if it gets picked up I highly doubt I’ll be another guest. I probably won’t be the guest starring on their show because I don’t know if there’s competition within your own networks but, I’m not sure yet.

How was working alongside Chevy Chase? I mean you play his what – his stepdaughter?

Katharine McPhee: Yeah, well speaking of someone who’s funny, he is a fun guy. You never know what’s going to come out of Chevy Chase’s mouth, it’s just like unpredictable. And he’s very sweet. And I was worried like the first day and I’d never met him before and I was like oh, I hope he’s nice. And I get intimidated easily and he was just such a lovely guy – really, really, lovely. I mean everyone was lovely on the show.

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Familiar Faces in Fresh Formulas

By , December 17, 2009

What seemed in early fall a rare outbreak of inspired television writing has in recent months become something rarer—not an epidemic, exactly, but a season impressively stocked with creations drenched in wit and enterprise, all unmistakably reflective of a drive toward formula busting. These things are, of course, always relative. In television these days, one quality hit a season—especially in the impossibly snare-infested comedy genre—seems a lot; two is like breaking the bank.

Yet we’re now finishing a television year that has seen both the emergence of ABC’s uproarious“Modern Family” and its less dazzling but wonderfully mordant lead-in, “The Middle,” about another kind of modern family—a brew of consistent charm and character with a bracing hint of nightmarish reality underlying its sitcom fun. Add to these the most unexpected gem of all—NBC’s “Community,” a satire set in the unlikely precincts of a community college. Its creator, Dan Harmon, was, by his own account, inspired by the semester he once spent at one in pursuit of an effort to strengthen ties with his girlfriend. That relationship didn’t work out in the end, but, happily, the same can’t be said of this whip-smart series about an improbably compelling band of adults taking classes at a sunny academic hell called Greendale Community College.

The same can be said for “Community,” which stars Joel McHale (“The Soup”) in top form as Jeff—a glib but undeniably attractive former lawyer who has gone back to school because his license to practice was revoked (he’d apparently skipped going to law school). The difference here is that the laughs derive entirely from the show’s flinty heart. There are lapses, to be sure, when its creators can’t resist the old siren call—the sitcom impulse to dump a little treacle into the brine. That way lies ruin, as most writers of satire ultimately learn. And “Community” is, despite its doses of warmth and fellowship, nothing but satire in its look at the adults in the study group Jeff runs. They’re all strivers, most of them bent on getting close to Jeff because this disbarred lawyer seems a person of stature. These characters are the product of cold-eyed observation, exquisite at its meanest, particularly when it focuses on an older student—the insufferably pompous Pierce, a character to which Chevy Chase brings considerable authority, and not surprisingly. None of this is to say the series doesn’t offer more varied targets of amusement. Its picture of the sorry lot of obsessives and other deranged types in charge of delivering learning at the college, and of the assorted weasels and buffoons serving as deans and other high officials, is priceless.

Read the full story on the WSJ

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Joel McHale of the TV show Community

By , December 15, 2009

Actor/Comedian Joel McHale,of the TV show Community, Christmas shopping with his wife Sarah and their two kids.

Joel McHale Community

Source: Taragana

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Joel McHale and Gillian Jacobs

By , December 5, 2009

Joel McHale Community
This is a shot that just came out in the new issue of BlackBook magazine. From the photographer:

The magazine said the issue was the “spotlight” issue, so, every picture had to in some fashion incorporate a spotlight effect. I wanted to do something funny and goofier then my normal somber pictures. I also figured the actors would have an easier time if they could goof around with each other instead of trying to be serious or sexy. I had this vision of Mr. McHale and Ms. Jacobs as rich, NY socialites who had t break out of prison. The idea being that they are caught in the searchlight trying to escape. We had so much fun doing this and had many crazy fits of laughter. I’m a big fan of this shot. It was also, believe it or not, the very first shot we took. I’ve included the visual reference I had which was the iconic WINGS Band On The Runalbum cover.

Source: This Photo Life

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Hulu Tags and Community NBC

By , November 23, 2009

Mashable explained earlier today how to use the new Hulu tags by giving an example using NBC’s “Community”:

Although Hulu’s search function is generally pretty solid, finding specific content if you don’t know an episode title or discovering new content can sometimes be difficult. Today, Hulu is going to make finding and discovering that much easier by adding support for site-wide tags.

Where tags really become useful is in discovering new content. For instance, clicking on the tag “college” on the page for NBC’s “Community” brings me to this listing:
hulu community
I’m presented with movies, TV shows, and episode clips that have been given the tag “college” and I can drill down to exclude certain content (like if I only want to view full episodes and I want it of a certain TV show).

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‘Community’: Joel McHale, Ken Jeong banter and befriend

By , November 19, 2009

It’s a Joel McHale and Ken Jeong day today and zap2it has some comedy routine that was part of the conference call that they had today. Here are some of them:

Exchange #1

Joel McHale: Who’s Ken Jeong?
Ken Jeong: I’m one of the costars that you don’t make eye contact with on the set.
Joel McHale: Now I remember. Please don’t directly address me on the phone Ken.
Ken Jeong: I’m sorry.
Joel McHale: Now [the reporters are] going to see the on-set tension that we clearly have.

Exchange #2

Ken Jeong: Joel McHale is kind enough to give me pages of notes. (To McHale) You literally get on your knees and start doing line readings in an Asian accent. My character doesn’t have an Asian accent.
Joel McHale:    Right and see, to you, you can’t, I mean, to you it doesn’t seems like an accent but to everyone else that’s what they’re hearing.
Ken Jeong: Yeah, even on his knees he still looks down on me both literally and figuratively.
Joel McHale: That’s true, much like Ryan Seacrest.
Ken Jeong: Yeah, I’m his Asian Seacrest apparently.
Joel McHale: Yeah.
Ken Jeong: A lot of good notes he does give me. A lot of movement, how to move my body around.
Joel McHale: Look, because when he’s just standing at rest he looks like Gollum and he’s hunched over like Gollum.
Ken Jeong: Yes, you’re not the only person in the cast to give me that note.
mchale-jeong Community

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Worth sticking with ‘Community’?

By , November 18, 2009

Maureen Ryan has her mid-season review of the TV shows, and this is what she has to say about ‘Community’:
“Community,” 7 p.m. Central Thursday, NBC: Tonally, “Community” can’t quite decide what it wants to be — a parody of network comedies, a broad, loud sitcom full of stock characters or a subtle, “Office”-style mockumentary featuring real-seeming people. But at this point, most of the “Community” characters are still too one-dimensional and there’s a swaggering smugness to Jeff (Joel McHale) that remains off-putting, despite the half-hearted attempts to humanize him. The most reliable source of comedy is the breakout character Abed (Danny Pudi), whose deadpan line readings are consistently hilarious. (My original review of “Community” is here.)

Will I stick with it? Not sure. I may check it out intermittently, mostly for Abed.

Grade: B-

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