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Danny Pudi of ‘Community’ Talks about Latino Hips, Starburns, and Joel McHale’s Christmas Card

By , May 5, 2010

Small Screen Scoop has an interview with Danny Pudi of Community, here are the highlights:

Hey Danny. I was wondering where would you like to see your character Abed go in the next few months or maybe even next season. What would you like to see when the screen editors give you a script and you read it, where would you like that character to end up?

Danny Pudi: You know, I don’t know. And it’s hard for me to – I’m really open about this. I feel so already challenged and fortunate in terms of what I’ve been given and I’m just thankful that my character is not just a one dimensional character. There’s a lot to him, you know.

I think times have changed a lot from the days of, you know, of back in the early 90s when I was growing up and you had (Mel Siemen) Street Fighter or Abu on the Simpsons or, you know, magic rocks protecting Indian villages in Indiana Jones. And the fact that I get to play a character that’s really well rounded and kind of odd and quirky and exploring the world, it’s just so wonderful because I always feel like every week is going to be a fun, new adventure.

So I’m excited to see what happens. You know I think one of the cool things that we’ve been exploring is Abed’s progression as a film maker, including these Webisodes. And in the episode, I don’t know if you recall, the Valentine’s Day episode where I help Joel’s character, Jeff Winger, make a really, a really believable drunk (dial) to Britta and I think you get to see a little bit more of Abed’s directing skills there.

So I’m excited to see more of that, you know, and to see kind of where that takes him. That’s always a – that’s a fun thing for me to explore. And also because I didn’t go to school for film, I feel like I really am learning a little bit more about film making so it’s kind of a great job.

How do you think Starburns would fair against other super heroes.

Danny Pudi: I mean if you saw his – if you saw Starburns: El Star Prince, I think being half mortal and half of the stars, definitely he’s got an advantage against anybody who is human.

The other thing is that no one’s really going to expect there to be laser beams coming out of his Starburns, out of his sideburns, so you can probably get through any metal detector. And I don’t know, also it’s like being able to have his phone and a laser coming out of the side of his face, it just also makes it easy in terms of like if you have to run or anything like that. He doesn’t have to carry too much baggage.

I would think Starburns over most super heroes out there, I don’t know, I’m trying to think if anybody mortal would beat him. I would be interested in seeing him versus Batman. I think that would be kind of just a cool match up. Even though Batman is human – kind of a fun thing to watch.

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