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Jack Black to Guest on ‘Community’

By , December 16, 2009

Jack Black has scheduled a sitcom appearance, the “Tropic Thunder” actor has signed on to guest in a January episode of the Chevy Chase/Joel McHale comedy “Community.”

“Community” — which follows a manipulative, young lawyer (McHale) whose is disbarred and forced to attend a local community college where he befriends a band of misfits — has been gaining critical praise throughout the season.
It could, however, use a bit of a boost in ratings.

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Joel McHale and Ken Jeong on ‘Community’ College Life

By , November 18, 2009

Did you know that Ken Jeong is a real doctor?
He and Joel McHale have an interview about Community on AOL. Here are some highlights:

You both have had an amazing year: successful stand-up careers, movie roles, and TV gigs. What about being on a network sitcom appealed to you?
Joel: For me it was the catering. Free food all day long, which is something I had always dreamed about.
Ken: Sitcom food is by far the tastiest of all showbiz food. Honestly, you gotta try that oatmeal in the morning.
Joel: Mmm, it’s steel-cut. [Joel & Ken make yummy noises.]

Ken, I want to know more about SeñorChang. Is he a bitter man? Is there another layer underneath that?
Ken: Absolutely. I think this Thursday’s episode will help answer that in terms of getting the background as to why he becomes what he is. I have an unlikely relationship come about with Joel’s character Jeff, where he realizes something about my character, about what makes Señor Chang tick, why he is so angry and why he is, at times, so mean and psychotic.

Joel, at first glance your character Jeff seems like the most “together” guy on the show, but he’s not the moral center, is he?
Joel: You’re right, my guy is not the moral center at all. My guy is the guy who has lied a lot through his life. He lied about having a college degree and now for the first time in his life he actually has to do work. He had always skated by by using his mouth and his words and now he can’t. And so he is facing those things every episode.

You’ve been picked up for a full-season by NBC. Do you still feel that “new show anxiety” or does that vote of confidence help you relax a bit?
Joel: I think now with it being picked up we feel like like, Great, here we go, let’s make this the best we can. Hopefully that will send us into the next season.

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