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Hey, Don Draper! Better watch out for Danny Pudi on NBC sitcom ‘Community’!

By , April 10, 2010

MR. MEDIA RADIO has an interview with Danny Pudi; here are some of the things he has to say about Danny:
It’s a shame Lorne Michaels didn’t sign up Danny Pudi for “Saturday Night Live” before the producers of the NBC sitcom “Community” cast him as “Abed.” He is so flexible in body, mind and voice as to suggest a combination of Jim Carrey, the late Phil Hartman and a thoroughly modern Rich Little.
Pudi looks so unassuming that no matter how often you see him do his stuff on “Community,” you can’t help but do a doubletake, rewind and watch him do it again. And again.

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Which Thursday-Night NBC Comedy Is the Best? We Think Community

By , March 11, 2010 is trying to decide which NBC Thursday-night comedy is the best. Will CommunityParks and RecreationThe Office, or 30 Rock reign supreme?

This is what they say about Community:

Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury (by the way, you look handsome and/or pretty today), you will hear my opponents talk about how The Office has launched careers, and how Parks and Recreation has a guy with a funny mustache. But one thing you won’t hear them talk about is heart. This, my friends, is what puts freshman comedy Community ahead of the pack. The way the show’s writers have transformed a group of misfits into a tight-knit clique has been natural and heart-warming. More than just a series of non-sequitor jokes, Community puts its characters into action for a purpose and not just a chuckle. As for its competitors, The Office and Parks and Recreation are basically the same show, and 30 Rock is just an overblown Saturday Night Live sketch. Plus, what other TV show could end its Christmas episode with its cast bloodied up from a street brawl, yet still manage to be touching? Only Community. I rest my case. —Tim Surette

Read their review of the rest of the Thursday night lineup at .

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By , January 22, 2010
Chevy Chase at the premiere of Baby Mama in Ne...
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Chevy Chase hasn’t lost a bit of his comedy timing. The actor has been making fans laugh for 40 years, but it was Saturday Night Live in the ‘70s that made Chase a household name.

Chase currently stars in the NBC comedy, Community, which airs Thursdays, 8:00 p.m. ET/PT.

Source: Hollywood Out Break

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