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What’s coming up for Jeff & Annie?

By , September 22, 2010

I just started catching up on NBC’s ‘Community‘ and I really love this show! What’s the next step for Jeff and Annie? – aurore59
Poor Annie will get “the talk” when Season 2 arrives this Thursday at 8/7c. And things will be fine… until a few scenes later, when they will be very not fine. You have never seen the fan hit so hard by so much.

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Community Cast in Claymation for Christmas

By , September 20, 2010

Almost everyone in America with a TV after 1964 has seen at least a snippet of the Rankin/Bass classic TV special that introduced the world to Community Cast in Claymation for Christmas , the elf-who-wants-to-be-a-dentist-instead-of-making-toys, and how he came to meet Rudolph, the soon-to-be famous headlight for Santa’s sleigh. Dan Harmon, the creator of Community, is a fan of the special, and thought it would be a lot of fun to animate an episode of his show in that style. He never though, however, that the folks at NBC would go for it. Fortunately for him (and us!), Jeff Gaspin at NBC woke up one morning and thought to himself, “Community should do an animated episode.” The two met, and agreed to do just that. Harmon and writer Dino Stamatopoulos (who also plays Starburns on the show) set immediately to write the script, which has the whole cast buzzing about the episode. Danny Pudi, who plays Abed, said, “It is so hard for me not to tell everybody I know about it. The minute we read that script, I was over-the-moon excited.

Read the rest of the story on TV over Mind

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Community Fall Premiere Dates

By , July 17, 2010

NBC has announced the premiere dates for its new and returning Fall shows.
Community will start on September 23rd at 8PM.
We can’t wait!

Thursday, September 23
8-8:30 p.m. COMMUNITY
8:30-9 p.m. 30 ROCK
9-9:30 p.m. THE OFFICE
9:30-10 p.m. OUTSOURCED

Source: The Flick Cast

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Community Finale Promo

By , May 19, 2010

Tomorrow brings us the finales of the Thursday comedies, most notably Community. We have an awesome promo that shows off a few scenes from the finale.

Thursday’s Season Finales

Don’t miss out on this Thursday’s season finales for all your favorite comedies!

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Community Season Finale

By , May 17, 2010

Roll the Clip!

The cast of Community shares some secrets about Thursday’s season finale. Or… not.

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Joel McHale: Community’s Man of Action

By , May 6, 2010 has an interview with Jeol McHale. Here are some of the highlights: Tonight’s episode, “Modern Warfare,” looks A-MA-ZING.
Joel McHale: It was the most ambitious television I’ve ever made in my life. We took eight days to shoot a 23-minute show. We basically shot an action movie. Justin Lin, who directed Fast & the Furious and who is now directing the new Highlander, directed it, and there are explosions and jumps and stunts and leaps. It all revolves around a paintball war on campus, and it was the most fun I’ve ever had shooting anything. I got to live my boyhood dream of being a Bruce Willis Die Hard character. The episode moves along so fast and it’s so action-packed, that if you’re really tired, it will wake you up.

Wow, I thought the mafia movie spoof you did two weeks ago went fast.
This week makes the food fight from last week’s episode look slow. Every scene is an action scene, it’s great.

Congratulations on the renewal, by the way; it’s well deserved. But let’s say Community goes onto Season 7 or whatever, how are we going to keep Jeff in college?
That’s a good question. I don’t know, because I’m not writing them. Dan Harmon, who kind of wanders our set like a homeless person—I’m not kidding, he looks like one because he wears the same clothes and he doesn’t shave—I know he has a plan. He’s got the vision, and I don’t question it, because he’s Dan, he’s the mad genius. I trust him implicitly on the scripts. Some of the ideas he’s come up with, from the chicken fingers to the food fight, all those things have come out of his brain. I trust him.

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Craig Ferguson and Joel McHale share a laugh

By , March 31, 2010

Craig Ferguson leaves Madeo restaurant following dinner with his wife Megan and his fellow TV host Joel McHale. The pair have been working together this week on Craig’s chat show, “The Late Show with Craig Ferguson”, which aired yesterday (March 30th).


Source: Accidental Sexiness

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Community Producer: “Season 2 Is a Blank Canvas”

By , March 11, 2010 checked in with executive producer Dan Harmon to see what’s ahead for the students of Greendale. Here are some of the highlights: Congratulations on the Season 2 renewal. How does it feel?
Thank you very much. It’s very exciting. The feeling in the production offices is surprisingly normal. I guess we’re so close to the finish line for the end of the season, that somehow the human brain is capable of tucking that news away while we focus on the task at hand. Are you already tossing around ideas for Season 2?
Harmon: No, not at all really. We’ve never profited from thinking ahead on this show. We don’t hatch great schemes. I’m pretty proud to say that Season 2 is a blank canvas at this point. What can you tease for the last few episodes?
Harmon: The last two episodes will be incredibly rewarding to fans of the show and newcomers alike. The very last episode will move in accordance with the school year, so it will be their prom. There’s a transfer dance to honor all the kids who are transferring to real schools, none of which are our characters. It’s essentially a reunion because every single character that ever popped up is at this dance. This raises the question: What happens when your cast starts graduating?
Harmon: That is the scary thing about the show, but I also think that’s part of its secret allure. Jeff needs to replace his four-year degree, so we know that character is at that college for that. What we don’t know is what the other characters’ situations are. One of the first things we’ll do in Season 2 is actually call our shots there and start saying what their situations are.

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Community – Going to the Prom

By , March 9, 2010
The cast of Community, from left to right: Yve...
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TV Fanatic has the scoop on how this season of Community is going to end – with a Greendale prom:

“We’re definitely going to give the fans something worthy of a finale,” said producer Dan Harmon. “We follow the school year, so we get to do prom. It has to end with a prom-bang, my homage to a Dawson’s Creek-y vibe.”

Overall, “the last couple of episodes satisfy all the urges you have about Community. We’re batting cleanup with the drama, the sap and the comedy, as well,” Harmon added.

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Katharine McPhee Discusses Her Community Guest-Starring Role

By , March 8, 2010

Katharine McPhee Discussed Her Community Guest-Starring Role with Movie Web; here are the highlights:

What did you think of Community? Were you a big fan?

Katharine McPhee: You know it’s funny. I tell the story, Joel – I got on the show and obviously, you know, I was in a really crazy cycle because I was just coming off of my first promo week of my record being released and so I wasn’t watching any television at that time. And Joel was like so, you know, how do you like our show, you been watching it? And I was like, uh, I’ve seen it but I haven’t been seeing it. And he goes – he was like oh, that’s horrible. He was like, that’s horrible, you’re on our show and you haven’t even watched it. He was like, you’d better go home and watch it. And I swear to you since then I’ve TiVoed and watched, you know, because I haven’t been home – literally watched every episode. And, I just – I just think of – in all sincerity, separate from me being a part of the show for this one episode, I think it’s one of NBC’s best shows on TV right now, because it’s so well written. All the characters are so defined and, you know, I just wish the best for all of them on that show because they really deserve it. It’s a great show.

Will we see you in Community again? Is there a chance for you to come on again?

Katharine McPhee: You know, I think there’s always a chance. I was discussing – no, well I wasn’t discussing. The producers had come up to me – they always have a couple of characters come back and reoccur. And they said, “Well oh, maybe we’ll be able to have you back,” which was always a nice thing to hear. It means you did a good job and – but of course if my show – I got this pilot that I got which was also an NBC show, if it gets picked up I highly doubt I’ll be another guest. I probably won’t be the guest starring on their show because I don’t know if there’s competition within your own networks but, I’m not sure yet.

How was working alongside Chevy Chase? I mean you play his what – his stepdaughter?

Katharine McPhee: Yeah, well speaking of someone who’s funny, he is a fun guy. You never know what’s going to come out of Chevy Chase’s mouth, it’s just like unpredictable. And he’s very sweet. And I was worried like the first day and I’d never met him before and I was like oh, I hope he’s nice. And I get intimidated easily and he was just such a lovely guy – really, really, lovely. I mean everyone was lovely on the show.

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