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‘Community’ lets loose at PaleyFest

By , March 4, 2010

HitFix was at PaleyFest to see the cast of Community; here are some of the highlight:
If you get a chance to see the creative folks who work on “Community” in person for some reason, run to see it. One of the reasons “Community” is one of the best new comedies in years is because it has that amazing cast, which doesn’t have a single weak link.

Since “Physical Education” features lots and lots of Joel McHale in either skimpy clothing or the nude, there were plenty of questions about that, but there were also questions about how the cast members enjoy working with a legend like Chase, who was the center of much good-natured (and occasionally self-inflicted) ribbing about his age.

“Chevy is like Nolan Ryan in that he’s still alive,” McHale deadpanned. Then, he added, “And when Chevy goes, he’s the funniest person on set. He throws the ball harder than anyone. And then he calls you a prick.” (Chase calling the cast members overly nasty names for no reason on set proved the source of many funny anecdotes. “It’s funny because it’s unnecessary,” Glover added.)

Harmon, adding to the lovefest, explained that he’s grown more and more comfortable with letting the cast improvise around the scripts, based on just how good the actors are at finding new twists on lines and new jokes that build on the old ones. (Harmon pointed out one joke in the Troy and Abed closing credits gag from Thursday’s episode that I won’t spoil here but that was a total Glover improvisation.)

“Halfway through the season, I became acquainted with the fact that the best thing I could do for my show was write lukewarm crap and send it down to the set,” Harmon said.

What’s coming up on “Community”? Apparently, the episode the cast is filming right now involves Chase’s character Pierce becoming convinced he’s a wizard. We’ll learn the sad, despairing backstory of Jeong’s Senor Chang. And there’s an episode that apparently broke the budget of the series but was also apparently worth it. When asked to describe it, Harmon would only say it was an attempt to do an action movie in 20 minutes. The cast was similarly excited for it to air.

“Any time I get to say, ‘Get some, bitches!’ in something, it’s gonna be good,” Glover said. “I don’t care if it’s a show or a family reunion.”

If you want the min by min details of the event check out The Futon Critic.

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