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Alison Brie Is A Complex Woman

By , January 31, 2010

Alison Brie is one of television’s most versatile actresses, staring on both NBC’s Community and AMC’s Mad Men. She’s also super attractive and Complex Magazine seems to have taken note of that fact. The magazine recently sat down with Brie for their upcoming issue. To preview this, the magazine posted a short video of the shoot.

Source: Newestra

Alison Brie

An old interview with Alison Brie on Complex is here

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Joel McHale and Gillian Jacobs

By , December 5, 2009

Joel McHale Community
This is a shot that just came out in the new issue of BlackBook magazine. From the photographer:

The magazine said the issue was the “spotlight” issue, so, every picture had to in some fashion incorporate a spotlight effect. I wanted to do something funny and goofier then my normal somber pictures. I also figured the actors would have an easier time if they could goof around with each other instead of trying to be serious or sexy. I had this vision of Mr. McHale and Ms. Jacobs as rich, NY socialites who had t break out of prison. The idea being that they are caught in the searchlight trying to escape. We had so much fun doing this and had many crazy fits of laughter. I’m a big fan of this shot. It was also, believe it or not, the very first shot we took. I’ve included the visual reference I had which was the iconic WINGS Band On The Runalbum cover.

Source: This Photo Life

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