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Sneak Peeks at the Return of Community!

By , January 18, 2011

New episodes of Community return this Thursday, the 20th! It’s finally back and with a guest appearance from Malcolm-Jamal Warner!

Annie and Rich
Jeff is surprised by Annie’s choice in a new man.

Get What I’m Promised
Chang demands an answer on whether or not he can join the study group.

Comedy Giants Unite
Malcolm-Jamal Warner guest stars on an all-new Community this Thursday.

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Gillian Jacobs Becomes Latest ‘Community’ Breakout

By , June 17, 2010
BERLIN - FEBRUARY 09:  (L-R) Tom Arnold, Gilli...
Image by Getty Images via @daylife

Gillian Jacobs is the latest cast member from NBC’s half-hour junior-college send-up “Community” to spend her summer hiatus on a movie set. She’s currently in Los Angeles shooting the indie comedy “Let Go,” a project from first-time writer-director-producer Brian Jett that also stars David Denman, Kevin Hart and Ed Asner.

Set to wrap production at the end of June and targeting a debut at the Sundance Film Festival in January, the film casts Denman – best known as John Krasinksi’s rival during the first three seasons of “The Office” – as a parole officer dealing with midlife crises.

Read the full story on The Wrap

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Donald Glover, Community, at Comix

By , May 23, 2010

Five things TimeOut NY learned last night from Donald Glover (of NBC’s Community):

1. There is an unspoken code of conduct that comedians expect from audiences. Laughter is appreciated and welcome. Vomiting and crying, however, are not.
2. Anyone expecting to hear nonthreatening jokes from Glover’s lovable, earnest Community character for an hour was in for a crude, outspoken (and utterly hilarious) surprise.
3. A handy way to predict the direction a dialogue with your significant other is going to go: If a conversation begins with “What’d you mean by that?,” it’s not going to end with “Oh, now I know what you meant by that.”
4. Glover deserves a place in Lady Gaga’s cadre of eclectic visionaries.
5. No matter what anyone tells you, there’s no place in California that is like New York (least of all downtown Los Angeles, which is like something out of Mad Max).

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Ken Jeong from Community NBC on the Tonight Show

By , April 26, 2010

Ken Jeong shows off his dance moves with Heidi Klum.

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Lisa Rinna Brings Some Cougar Action to Community

By , April 5, 2010
Lisa Rinna, January 2008
Image via Wikipedia

Lisa Rinna will pop up on Communityy, and she’s loving every minute of her over-the-top gig.  “I’m Shantal, a Real Housewife of Greendale County, I guess you could say,” Lisa says.

“Joel is a genius. Don’t tell him, he’ll get a big head,” she says with a laugh. “He will get a big head, but he really is good. I was excited to work with him.”

Read more: E! Online

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The cast of Community are BFFs and attend the NBC party at TCA

By , January 16, 2010

There’s a lot of talk about long hours on the Paramount Studios set of NBC’s sitcom “Community.’’ Quick shoots are rare. Overtime isn’t uncommon.

It’s a bad thing. Everyone agrees. But no one seems miffed about having to stay on the set just a little bit longer.

The actors aren’t intentionally trying to slow things down, explains Alison Brie, who plays the neurotic Annie Edison. It’s just that they like one another. “We all have a similar sense of humor,’’ she says. “When we’re on breaks, we’re in each other’s trailers.’’

“Community,’’ the newest addition to NBC’s Thursday night comedy lineup, follows a group of oddball characters of all ages who form a study group at a community college and become close friends despite their differences. New episodes resume tomorrow night at 8.

Most of the personalities involved with the show had never met one another before shooting the pilot for the show last year. But the cast – led by “The Soup’’ host Joel McHale and veteran funnyman Chevy Chase – clicked instantaneously, Brie says.

She and costar Danny Pudi, who plays the eccentric Abed, live in Pasadena, so they spend weekends brunching. Pudi recently helped costar Donald Glover, who plays a jock named Troy, move into a new apartment.

Chase, who plays the group’s weirdo senior classmate Pierce, had everyone over for a barbecue as soon as he moved to Los Angeles to start the show. Most of the cast gathered when Pudi’s mom was in town to watch a “Community’’ episode with her. It was a bash that the castmates still get giddy about, as if it were a sleepover party. And when Pudi needed to buy a suit for an NBC event, he went to the dapper McHale, who schooled him about how to dress like a television star.

“My body’s a little weird,’’ Pudi explains. “I have tiny legs. I don’t fit well in suits. They look like drapes. With Joel’s help, I found a really good suit. He helped me feel more comfortable about wearing a suit.’’

After some more thought, Pudi adds, “I have a giant man crush on him.’’

Read the full story on Live Journal

Community nbc

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Community’s Danny Pudi on His Humble Beginnings As a Butt-Dialer

By , December 10, 2009

Community has been one of this fall’s breakout shows, and Abed — the kindhearted, socially awkward student played by newcomer Danny Pudi — is one of the season’s best new characters. The Chicago native studied at Second City and had recurring roles on Greek and Gilmore Girls, but if he looks familiar, it may have to be for the string of commercials he’s appeared in, including spots for T-Mobile and McDonald’s.

Vulture has an interview with Danny, and here are some of the Q&A:
So, how did you land Abed?
I’ve been auditioning for a while. I’ve been in Los Angeles for about four years. So this came in like any other audition during pilot season, but I read the script, and I was trembling. I realized how fun it could be. The minute I read it, I was like, “Oh man, I will give all my fingernails and shave my eyebrows for this role.” Thankfully, they didn’t make me do that … it wasn’t in the script or part of the audition process. I knew my one potential negative was that I am half-Polish, so I decided not to reveal that till a later time.
You were also appearing in a lot of commercials right before Community began airing.
I did the butt-dialing commercial for T-Mobile, and it did help get my face out there a bit. When I went out for the Community audition, one of the producers recognized me and was like, “Hey, you’re the butt-dialer!” Right away, that makes me feel more comfortable, when someone’s like, “Butt dialer’s here!” I imagine it would be more difficult if you were going out for a leading man. Like if they’re making Gladiator 2 and I walk in, and they go, “Butt-dialer!” It’s gonna be really hard to be, you know, Euophonius the Master of the Ring and slaying soldiers when two seconds ago they were calling you butt-dialer. But for this role, it actually worked out perfectly.
What is it about you that makes people think you can sell stuff?
This is sort of a good time for Indians, and I am half-Indian, so I’m perhaps riding some of the Slumdog wave? Literally the other day on set, there was a person who came up to me, and this is not even a joke, they literally were like, “Hey man, were you in Slumdog?” I don’t think I look that much like Dev Patel, if you look closely. But I was like, “Okay, for people who haven’t seen a lot of Indians before, I guess you can kind of group us together.” Also, my body is really awkward looking, kind of long and lanky. I get compared to giraffes a lot. And I think there’s something funny about that, that people can relate to. Or at least they like to see me next to a product — “Oh, there’s a giraffe. Oh, it’s actually Danny Pudi, actor. Not playing a giraffe. Selling T-Mobile phones.”

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