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By , February 28, 2013

Suffering from Changnesia? The only thing you need to remember is that Community is all new tonight and Chang has returned to Greendale!

Chang Returns!
Chang, or “Kevin” as he’s now called, is apparently a victim of “Changnesia.”

Malcolm McDowell Guest Stars!
Greendale’s newest teacher talks about how much he loves the laid-back culture of the Community set.

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Katharine McPhee Discusses Her Community Guest-Starring Role

By , March 8, 2010

Katharine McPhee Discussed Her Community Guest-Starring Role with Movie Web; here are the highlights:

What did you think of Community? Were you a big fan?

Katharine McPhee: You know it’s funny. I tell the story, Joel – I got on the show and obviously, you know, I was in a really crazy cycle because I was just coming off of my first promo week of my record being released and so I wasn’t watching any television at that time. And Joel was like so, you know, how do you like our show, you been watching it? And I was like, uh, I’ve seen it but I haven’t been seeing it. And he goes – he was like oh, that’s horrible. He was like, that’s horrible, you’re on our show and you haven’t even watched it. He was like, you’d better go home and watch it. And I swear to you since then I’ve TiVoed and watched, you know, because I haven’t been home – literally watched every episode. And, I just – I just think of – in all sincerity, separate from me being a part of the show for this one episode, I think it’s one of NBC’s best shows on TV right now, because it’s so well written. All the characters are so defined and, you know, I just wish the best for all of them on that show because they really deserve it. It’s a great show.

Will we see you in Community again? Is there a chance for you to come on again?

Katharine McPhee: You know, I think there’s always a chance. I was discussing – no, well I wasn’t discussing. The producers had come up to me – they always have a couple of characters come back and reoccur. And they said, “Well oh, maybe we’ll be able to have you back,” which was always a nice thing to hear. It means you did a good job and – but of course if my show – I got this pilot that I got which was also an NBC show, if it gets picked up I highly doubt I’ll be another guest. I probably won’t be the guest starring on their show because I don’t know if there’s competition within your own networks but, I’m not sure yet.

How was working alongside Chevy Chase? I mean you play his what – his stepdaughter?

Katharine McPhee: Yeah, well speaking of someone who’s funny, he is a fun guy. You never know what’s going to come out of Chevy Chase’s mouth, it’s just like unpredictable. And he’s very sweet. And I was worried like the first day and I’d never met him before and I was like oh, I hope he’s nice. And I get intimidated easily and he was just such a lovely guy – really, really, lovely. I mean everyone was lovely on the show.

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Katharine McPhee Photos On NBC’s COMMUNITY Episode 17 March 4th

By , February 19, 2010

Some photos of Katharine McPhee guest starring as Mike on NBC’s COMMUNITY “Basic Genealogy” Episode 17 airing Thursday March 4 (9:30-10 p.m. ET) coming to us from Daemon’s TV.
Episode Synopsis: COMMUNITY “Basic Genealogy” Episode 17 – Jeff tries to help Pierce connect with his stepdaughter (Katharine McPhee) on Greendale’s Family Day.

Katharine-McPhee Community 1

Katharine-McPhee Community 2

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‘American Idol’s’ Katharine McPhee heads to ‘Community’

By , January 10, 2010
NEW YORK - NOVEMBER 26:  Singer Katharine McPh...
Image by Getty Images via Daylife

NBC released a laundry list of upcoming guests stars on Sunday (Jan. 10) that included a mix of names we’ve heard and a couple that we hadn’t. Here are the guests on Community:

Jack Black plays a student to who wants to join the study group [Jan. 14].

Katharine McPhee is Pierce’s daughter and a potential love interest for Jeff [First post-Olympics episode].

Source: Zap2It.

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