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My Favorite Weekend: Joel McHale, Community

By , May 9, 2010
PASADENA, CA - AUGUST 5:  Actor Joel McHale of...
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The LA Times has an article about Joel Mchale, the star of Community. Here are some of the highlights:
Joel McHale has hit TV shows on NBC (“Community” on Thursdays) and E! Entertainment (“The Soup”) and movie deals reportedly in development (“The Big Year” with Owen Wilson, Jack Black and Steve Martin and “What’s Your Number?” with Anna Faris), but he knew he had really arrived when he was asked to throw out the first pitch at Dodger Stadium last month.

“That was fantastic, but I was just worried about getting it over the plate,” said the Hollywood Hills resident with a laugh. “And I’m proud to say that I did not horribly embarrass my family.”

Now wife Sarah and sons Eddie, 5, and Isaac, 2, can hold up their heads when they’re around town with Big J.

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NBC’s Community’s Jack Black Thursday, Jan.14, video clips

By , January 15, 2010

Watch the cast in the videos posted below with Jack himself talk about working with the group, and the role he played. The clips are taken right from the episode, to get a look at what kind of drama Jack Black’s “Buddy” will bring to the study group.

Jack Black on Community [1:45]
The cast talks about working with Jack Black on the set of Community:

Guest Star Jack Black [2:51] Jack Black talks about his character ‘Buddy’ who really wants to be part of the ‘in crowd’ aka the study group.

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‘American Idol’s’ Katharine McPhee heads to ‘Community’

By , January 10, 2010
NEW YORK - NOVEMBER 26:  Singer Katharine McPh...
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NBC released a laundry list of upcoming guests stars on Sunday (Jan. 10) that included a mix of names we’ve heard and a couple that we hadn’t. Here are the guests on Community:

Jack Black plays a student to who wants to join the study group [Jan. 14].

Katharine McPhee is Pierce’s daughter and a potential love interest for Jeff [First post-Olympics episode].

Source: Zap2It.

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Jack Black to Guest on ‘Community’

By , December 16, 2009

Jack Black has scheduled a sitcom appearance, the “Tropic Thunder” actor has signed on to guest in a January episode of the Chevy Chase/Joel McHale comedy “Community.”

“Community” — which follows a manipulative, young lawyer (McHale) whose is disbarred and forced to attend a local community college where he befriends a band of misfits — has been gaining critical praise throughout the season.
It could, however, use a bit of a boost in ratings.

Source: Zap2It

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