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Community Clips

By , April 30, 2010

Apology Gone Array

Pierce confuses another black woman for Shirley in his attempt to apologize.

Porn Names

Abed and Troy make their porn names by combining the name of their grade school and favorite soft drink.

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Reasons Why We Loved Thursday’s COMMUNITY

By , April 25, 2010

As if creator Dan Harmon and Co. reached into our brain only to discover two of the things that make us happiest — chicken fingers (Yes we have our local Popeye’s on speed dial, what’s it to you?) and the movie Goodfellas (A movie that we’ve lost count of how many times we’ve seen as a result of our inability to turn it off anytime we accidentally come across it on AMC, which if you know AMC is pretty much every-other-weekend!) —last night’s hilarious instalment of COMMUNITY felt as if it was written directly for us. Seriously.

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Naked Joel McHale On Community

By , March 5, 2010

If you missed Joel McHale striping down to his cue stick or you want to see it again here is your chance.

Last night’s episode has a storyline combining elements of The Color of Money, Braveheart and a European fetish video, E!’s Soup stud drops his balls in the pockets to prove that billiards don’t require fancy hipster pants…or underpants, for that matter.

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Joel’s appearance on the Tonight Show

By , January 21, 2010

Joel was his usual funny self and he even pledged his support of Conan and offered him the hosting duties of The Soup!

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Celebrity Scoop: Danny Pudi

By , January 20, 2010

Zap2It has an interview with Danny Pudi. Here is the highlight:
A Chicago native, Pudi can also sing in Polish, as he demonstrates while shooting promos on set at Paramount Studios in Hollywood.

“I sang a lot as a little kid,” says Pudi, the son of an Indian father and a Polish mother. “My mom would be very happy.”

“It’s a really funny way,” Pudi says, “to do something quick and fun that is not necessarily tied to the show but takes you into the world of Greendale and these characters, Abed and Troy, and allows us to play off each other. We’ve been shooting those on the fly. There’s not a lot of prep time.”

Danny Pudi

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Forget Johnny Depp, Wendy Williams Endorses Sinister Sexuality of Joel McHale

By , November 23, 2009

Joel McHale walked away with the Sexiest Troublemaker award this year at People magazine.
The honor captured the attention of none other than Wendy Williams, who believes that troublemakers should get spanked.

[Source: The Soup blog]

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