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Community – “Communication Studies”

By , February 12, 2010

Community McHale Drunk

Hope you loved the love in last night’s Community.
Here are some Community quotes (coming from the great review on AV Club):

  • Best sight gag ever: The Greendale human being walking around, delivering Valentines.
  • “Remember. Cupid’s face is magic marker on nylon, so love is not only blind but also dizzy and a little belligerent.”
  • “What’s the blonde’s name? Bitter? Butter? Beetlejuice?”
  • “She says Valentine’s Day ritualizes the connection between affection and candy so girls can learn the ropes of prostitution.”
  • “No, but you can help yourself to a shorter forehead, a non-Keebler nose and shutting up.”
  • “You’ve shifted the balance, like in a sitcom when one character sees another one naked.”
  • “This is obviously your handwriting, Mr. Tremor. And yours is signed ‘Love, Troy.’”
  • “All right. I’ll show Britta my penis.”
  • “Kid’s gonna be a star. He’s a young the Asian guy from Lost.”
  • “She has more fights about stuff that doesn’t matter than a YouTube comment section.”
  • “I can’t feel things with you studying me like a beige praying mantis.”
  • “Chubby Hubby? Could you pick a scarier flavor?”
  • “What?! You work at Princeton?”
  • “I’m sorry. Abed just made a turtle face.” “In his defense, Abed’s turtle face is really funny.”

And some clips:

Troy is left behind by Chang and Pierce as they ride off together on his scooter.

Britta comes to Jeff’s defense and proves to Slater that he really is into her.

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Communication Studies

By , February 11, 2010

In celebration of Valentine’s Day the Human Being is Greendale’s very own cupid delivering messages of love to its students.

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