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Flashback Five – Chevy Chase’s Greatest Movie Moments

By , December 4, 2009

Just for the holiday season:

1. ¡Three Amigos! (1986)
…And here’s a great one to start with. One of the few perfect comedies in existence, it casts Martin Short, Steve Martin and Chevy Chase, all in their prime, as down on their luck actors who end up saving a small town in Mexico. If you’ve only seen the might-as-well-been-a-remakeTropic Thunder, you’ve missed out on Chevy Chase’s perfectly clueless performance as Dusty Bottoms.

2. Spies Like Us (1985)
There are actually two Chevy Chases… The clueless, bumbling idiot who trips over everything, as seen in Three Amigos, and the smarmy ladies-man seen here opposite fellow sarcasmotron Dan Aykroyd. Chase is pitch perfect as a Pentagon pencil pusher who accidentally ends up almost causing World War III. A perfect comedy for the Cold War era, it’s just as hilarious today.

3. Fletch (1985)
The smarm hits its apex in the Fletch series, in which Chevy Chase takes Gregory McDonald’s wisecracking TV character to the big screen. This movie was so popular, and has so thoroughly invaded popular culture, that almost every TV detective’s “trademark” snark, from the mopes onLaw & Order to the flashy agents of CSI, has DNA in common with Chase’s Fletch. A must-watch.

4. National Lampoon’s Vacation (1983)
The original is still the best — and nowhere else are Chase’s abilities put to such good use as when he’s playing Clark Griswold. Barely holding together his family on a cross-country trip to Walley World, Chase makes it completely believable that he would tie his dead aunt to the top of his car, accidentally kill a dog and not care, or pull a gun on a Walt Disney stand-in.

5. Caddyshack (1980)
The movie that broke Chase into the mainstream, this golf comedy is so chock-full of talent it’s surprising that Chase stands out at all… But he does, anchoring the movie, oddly enough, as the romantic lead. Luckily for Chase, the sappy romantic stuff mostly falls to young caddy-with-a-dream Michael O’Keefe, allowing Chase to steal scenes as the kooky, trick-shot-loving golf pro Ty Webb.

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New Comedy Throwdown: Community vs. Modern Family

By , November 24, 2009 has both Community and Modern Family has the best new comedies of the season, but they are trying to decide which one of them is the best. Here are some of their thoughts:

Cast: This critical category is a tight one. Community boasts Chevy Chase, the man who once played Fletch, and Joel McHale, the man who could play him today. Add fall’s freshest faces—Danny Pudi and Donald Glover—and you’re looking at TV’s most surprising new motley crew of a cast. But Modern Family has Ed O’Neill, who is looking like an Emmy candidate right now, and adding Ty Burrell, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Eric Stonestreet, Sofia Vergara, and a bushel of funny child actors only seals the deal. Point: Modern Family.
Guests/Recurring Actors: Like sexually frustrated couples, comedies need to throw others into the mix to spice things up. Shelley Long in ModFam’s “The Incident” was hilarious. It was nice to see Diane Chambers get absolutely lubed on booze and destroy a wedding. Unfortunately, Ed Norton’s appearance as Spandau Ballet’s bass player was a disaster, despite the “Fandau” gag. Elizabeth Banks was so-so, but just reminded us how much we’d rather watch Cam and Mitchell instead. On Community, John Oliver’s portrayal as Jeff’s nemesis/friend (frienemesis?) is hysterical, and I don’t care what anyone says, Ken Jeong as Senor Chang is muy awesomo. Fred Willard’s upcoming role as Phil’s dad in Modern Family could change our minds, but for now, it’s Point: Community.

The Winner: Just a second as I count the votes… it’s Modern Family by the official score of three to two! But let’s face it, we’re all winners here! Except for Community, which is slightly less of a winner. But in this race, there’s no shame in second place. Let’s just be happy we actually have “best new comedy” candidates this season. Modern Family, stop by the offices anytime to pick up your trophy.

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