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Community Vs. Glee – Go Vote

By , March 4, 2010
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For the month of March, Hulu is teaming up with fans and TV critic Ken Tucker (Entertainment Weekly) to see which of this season’s shows come out on top. This week Community is facing Glee, so make sure to visit and vote for Community!

Here is what EW say about Community:
The Soup‘s Joel McHale slips comfortably into a likable-wise-guy role as the star ofCommunity. McHale gets to flirt and insult to his heart’s content, and he’s impishly believable in both modes. Chevy Chase, meanwhile, ups his WASP quotient and dims his IQ to its lowest wattage, turning up as a would-be-hip baby boomer. Between McHale and Chase, Community has every TV comedy style covered.

And about Glee:

Has there ever been a TV show more aptly named than Glee? It both embodies and inspires exactly that quality. I’m not a musicals kinda guy. But this comedy is so good — so funny, so bulging with vibrant characters — that it blasts past any defenses you might put up against it. Glee will not stop until it wins you over utterly.

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