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Community fans say favorite part of the show is last 30 seconds

By , April 23, 2010

What often getsCommunity fans buzzing is what goes on in the final 30 seconds each week.

That’s when cast member Danny Pudi, who plays Abed, gets extra play time with castmate Donald Glover, who plays Troy. They engage in simple shenanigans over the closing credits.

“It really takes you more into the world of Greendale of Abed and Troy,” said Pudi. “It almost feels like we’re shooting a web video at home with buddies.”

In fact, the very first “tag” became a viral hit on the internet. It was a nonsense rap performed in Spanish by Pudi and Glover.

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Hey, Don Draper! Better watch out for Danny Pudi on NBC sitcom ‘Community’!

By , April 10, 2010

MR. MEDIA RADIO has an interview with Danny Pudi; here are some of the things he has to say about Danny:
It’s a shame Lorne Michaels didn’t sign up Danny Pudi for “Saturday Night Live” before the producers of the NBC sitcom “Community” cast him as “Abed.” He is so flexible in body, mind and voice as to suggest a combination of Jim Carrey, the late Phil Hartman and a thoroughly modern Rich Little.
Pudi looks so unassuming that no matter how often you see him do his stuff on “Community,” you can’t help but do a doubletake, rewind and watch him do it again. And again.

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Actor enjoys sense of ‘Community’

By , March 10, 2010

The Star-Telegram has an interview with Danny Pudi, who plays pop-culture savant Abed on NBC’s Community. Here are some of the highlights:

On what Pudi knows that Abed doesn’t:

I grew up a huge baseball fan and sports fan. I remember just memorizing baseball cards and statistics as a kid. I’d get the newspaper every day with my grandma, and I’d read the newspaper’s sports section every day, and just kind of memorize statistics. I grew up in Chicago during a beautiful time in terms of sports, where Michael Jordan was winning championships left and right, and I’m a White Sox fan, so it was a great time to memorize statistics and stuff.

On how people react to Abed:

It’s kind of fun to be the voice of so many people. I’ll meet people all the time who’ll say, “Dude, I know someone just like [Abed]!” Or “I’m that guy! I quote movies all the time!” People will quote movies to me on the street sometimes, and I’ll just have to be like, “Yep! Totally!” Even though sometimes I don’t even get ‘em. Because I’m not Abed — but I am Abed. I think everyone can say that they know someone [like him], and I think there’s a little bit of Abed in everyone.

On whether appearing on a show with the very tall Joel McHale makes him feel short:

He doesn’t make me feel short, but he does make me feel like less of a man [laughs]. Joel McHale is, I think, 6-foot-4, and so is Chevy Chase. I’m 6-foot, which is great. One of the things people say often to me on the street is “Wow! You’re much taller than I expected!” Because of my frame — I’m kind of wiry and gangly, and I look like an Indian Gumby — my frame is way smaller than Joel or Chevy’s. Those guys are like real men. I’m kind of like a boy, though. I am married, though. And I think my wife’s happy.

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COMMUNITY “Physical Education” Episode 17 And Joel McHale Nude

By , March 4, 2010

A new episode of COMMUNITY “Physical Education” Episode 17 which will air Thursday March 3 2010 at 8pm on NBC.

Episode Synopsis: COMMUNITY “Physical Education” Episode 17 – Jeff (Joel McHale) is excited to show off his pool skills in his new billiards class, only to have his will tested when shorts, not designer jeans, are the required uniform to play. Meanwhile, the gang focuses on helping Abed (Danny Pudi) woo a potential mate by bringing out different sides of his personality. Chevy Chase, Gillian Jacobs, Ken Joeng, Alison Brie, Yvette Nicole Brown and Donald Glover also star.

Also be advised that If you’re a fan of Joel McHale, ‘Community’ and flagrant full-frontal nudity, then here’s your Christmas present:

The ‘Soup’ host and ‘Community’ star sent out a warning on his Twitter page that reads, “So … on this Thursday’s new ‘Community’ I’m pretty much going to be naked. I’m sending this tweet to prepare my family.”


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Community – Episode 1.18 – Beginner Pottery – March 18th

By , February 27, 2010
Alison Brie
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03/18/2010 (08:00PM – 08:30PM) (Thursday) : “Beginner Pottery”-JEFF SHOWS OFF HIS COMPETITIVE SIDE IN POTTERY CLASS-Jeff (Joel McHale) unexpectedly takes interest in his new pottery class when another student shows natural talent. Meanwhile, Pierce (Chevy Chase) brings Britta (Gillian Jacobs), Shirley (Yvette Nicole Brown) and Troy (Donald Glover) along for a ride at his boating class. Ken Jeong, Danny Pudi and Alison Brie also star.

Source: NBC

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NBC’s Community Still Hasn’t Been Picked Up For a Second Season

By , February 15, 2010

One of the best and, surprisingly, underrated new shows of the season, Community, still hasn’t been picked up for a second season by NBC. The problem? Selling soap.
Community features the “biggest band of misfit schoolmates since The Breakfast Club,” which finds itself alluded to more than once on the show. Their leader, Jeff, is an ex-lawyer (The Soup’s Joel McHale) who’s more interested in the social aspects of community college than making the grade.
Jeff’s friends at Greendale Community College include Britta (Gillian Jacobs), the object of his attention; Abed (Danny Pudi), a pop culture junkie; perfectionist teen Annie (Alison Brie); jock Troy (Donald Glover) and Pierce (Chevy Chase), the oldest member of the group. The show also stars Ken Jeong who plays mean-spirited Spanish professor Senor Chang.
The show’s gotten critical support but when it comes to viewers, but Community falls in the middle of the 130 network programs on the five networks.
Last week, from 8-8:30 p.m. ET, Community (2.3/7 in 18-49, 5.2 million viewers overall) matched its highest 18-49 rating since January 14 and is currently reporting its biggest overall audience since that same date. Thursday’s Valentine ’s Day themed episode was up 35 percent versus NBC’s 18-49 average in the time period this season prior to the Community debut in the slot (2.3 vs. 1.7).

Read the full story on Satellite TV Guru

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Community Preview: Communication Studies

By , February 10, 2010

THINGS GET AWKWARD BETWEEN JEFF AND BRITTA—Jeff (Joel McHale) sets out to fix his relationship with Britta (Gillian Jacobs) after things get awkward with a drunken phone call. Meanwhile, Annie (Alison Brie) and Shirley (Yvette Nicole Brown) make plans to humiliate Señor Chang (Ken Jeong) in order to defend Troy (Donald Glover) and Pierce’s (Chevy Chase) dignity. Danny Pudi also stars.

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Celebrity Scoop: Danny Pudi

By , January 20, 2010

Zap2It has an interview with Danny Pudi. Here is the highlight:
A Chicago native, Pudi can also sing in Polish, as he demonstrates while shooting promos on set at Paramount Studios in Hollywood.

“I sang a lot as a little kid,” says Pudi, the son of an Indian father and a Polish mother. “My mom would be very happy.”

“It’s a really funny way,” Pudi says, “to do something quick and fun that is not necessarily tied to the show but takes you into the world of Greendale and these characters, Abed and Troy, and allows us to play off each other. We’ve been shooting those on the fly. There’s not a lot of prep time.”

Danny Pudi

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COMMUNITY “Interpretive Dance” Episode 14

By , January 20, 2010

COMMUNITY “Interpretive Dance” Episode 14 – The gang discovers that Jeff (Joel McHale) has a new girlfriend but he is determined to keep his affair a secret. Meanwhile, Troy (Donald Glover) and Britta (Gillian Jacobs) have secrets of their own and decide to share it with their friends. Chevy Chase, Yvette Nicole Brown, Danny Pudi and Alison Brie also star.

COMMUNITY “Interpretive Dance” Episode 14 will air Thursday January 21 2010 at 8pm on NBC.

Read more: COMMUNITY “Interpretive Dance” Episode 14 | Daemon’s TV

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The cast of Community are BFFs and attend the NBC party at TCA

By , January 16, 2010

There’s a lot of talk about long hours on the Paramount Studios set of NBC’s sitcom “Community.’’ Quick shoots are rare. Overtime isn’t uncommon.

It’s a bad thing. Everyone agrees. But no one seems miffed about having to stay on the set just a little bit longer.

The actors aren’t intentionally trying to slow things down, explains Alison Brie, who plays the neurotic Annie Edison. It’s just that they like one another. “We all have a similar sense of humor,’’ she says. “When we’re on breaks, we’re in each other’s trailers.’’

“Community,’’ the newest addition to NBC’s Thursday night comedy lineup, follows a group of oddball characters of all ages who form a study group at a community college and become close friends despite their differences. New episodes resume tomorrow night at 8.

Most of the personalities involved with the show had never met one another before shooting the pilot for the show last year. But the cast – led by “The Soup’’ host Joel McHale and veteran funnyman Chevy Chase – clicked instantaneously, Brie says.

She and costar Danny Pudi, who plays the eccentric Abed, live in Pasadena, so they spend weekends brunching. Pudi recently helped costar Donald Glover, who plays a jock named Troy, move into a new apartment.

Chase, who plays the group’s weirdo senior classmate Pierce, had everyone over for a barbecue as soon as he moved to Los Angeles to start the show. Most of the cast gathered when Pudi’s mom was in town to watch a “Community’’ episode with her. It was a bash that the castmates still get giddy about, as if it were a sleepover party. And when Pudi needed to buy a suit for an NBC event, he went to the dapper McHale, who schooled him about how to dress like a television star.

“My body’s a little weird,’’ Pudi explains. “I have tiny legs. I don’t fit well in suits. They look like drapes. With Joel’s help, I found a really good suit. He helped me feel more comfortable about wearing a suit.’’

After some more thought, Pudi adds, “I have a giant man crush on him.’’

Read the full story on Live Journal

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