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Alison Brie From Community NBC

By , November 24, 2009

Tressugar calls Alison Brie Adorable, and we agree.
She plays Trudy Campbell on Mad Men and she is also on NBC’s Community.
Other than radiating ebullience in real life, Alison, who says she’s rarely recognized on the street, seems nothing like either character. She grew up with hippie parents in South Pasadena, CA, where she still lives and showed up to a Pasadena Weekly interview in a “Die Yuppie Scum” t-shirt.
But Alison’s not as innocent as she or her characters look. She told Pasadena Weekly: “I don’t know why people see me . . . like I’m all prim and proper, when I couldn’t be more different. People think I come off that way, but I’m not.”
She’s right. In this 2007 skit, she dishes it right back to the Internet’s most infamous yogi, The Underminer, when he asks her to be in his variety show that’s like “Curb Your Enthusiasm meets You Can’t Do That on Television.”

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