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COMMUNITY “The Politics of Human Sexuality” Review Episode 11

By , December 4, 2009

We hope you enjoyed Community Episode 11 as much as we did.
COMMUNITY-The-Politics-of-Human-episode 11

Some reviews of the episode’s include:
Daemons TV , with their favorite quotes:
Troy to Abed on Abed’s basketball abilities – “It’s impossible to guard you, your eyes are too gentle and mysterious”.
Troy – “Don’t eat the crab dip Yeeah, yay!”
Shirley on the male anatomy – You’ve never seen one on the internet, or in pictures, or Harvey Keitel’s”?
The ‘Wheel of Remorse’ at the STD fair
Jeff on horses – “Can you ever real ‘own’ a horse?”
Abed when preparing to arm wrestle Troy – “I need to wait for a more inspiring song, this score isn’t right”
Pierce’s date: “she thinks that Monty Python is the evil snake from Harry Potter”.

And TV Squad:

Another solid episode; this show is really in its groove right now. The new relationship Jeff has established with Britta; the one without him trying to get into her pants every week, or her accusing him of it every week; is really working for me. I like this group more as a bunch of friends than a group of potential hook-ups. At least for awhile.

Nighty night Troy

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