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Community creator Dan Harmon about his plans for season two

By , August 14, 2010

Today,’s Vulture blog talks to Community creator Dan Harmon about his plans for season two, dream guests for the show, and enlisting the aid of Betty White to take on Big Bang Theory, which Community will go up against on Thursday nights:

On Betty White:

Betty White happened to be hanging around and I thought, Gee, she seems to be popping. She’s a young face in TV! Truly, though, it was sort of serendipitous. I think maybe it was because of a relationship with Jeff Zucker — not that kind of relationship — but she did SNL. And then it was like, “Would you want her to do the first episode?” And I was like, “Yeah, absolutely.”

On big episodes next season:

I do want to send them to outer space. I know you can’t literally send them to outer space. But for the fourth episode of season two, I’m going to do the equivalent of sending them to outer space. And the Halloween episode — while last season was definitely a great episode, it wasn’t like paintball. This year, Halloween will be sort of tweaked. It will be heightened. I think it’s enough to say, I want Halloween to be the equivalent of paintball for the first six episodes

On dream guests:

I’ve been trying to get John Hodgman on the show for some time. I’m a Twitter buddy of his. He even came by the office and visited me. I just enjoy the guy. But actual dream? If I can get Bill Murray on the show … well, it will never happen. But that would be, on many levels … the top of the list. If I could wave a magic wand, I would start writing a very, very interesting character for him tomorrow, and have him woven into the series for a couple of episodes. Then I’d kill myself after the second season. I’d go, “I’m done.”

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