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2011 NAB Show Adds “Community” to Its Syllabus

By , April 10, 2011
Dan Harmon at a panel for Community at PaleyFe...

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“Community” creator and executive producer Dan Harmon joins director and executive producer Joe Russo; series producer Jake Aust; supervising sound editor/re-recording mixer Mark Binderl; and director of photography Gary Hatfield for a 2011 NAB Show session titled “Community: Intelligent Comedy Meets Innovative Production,” on Tuesday, April 12 at 2pm in the Content Theater. The 2011 NAB Show takes place April 9-14 in Las Vegas.

After lampooning everything from “The Godfather” to “Pulp Fiction” to “Dungeons and Dragons,” NBC’s sophomore series “Community” continues to stockpile fans. Its nimble cast, inspired writing and quirky performances have made the series a favorite with consumers and critics alike. Behind the scenes, imagination is also part of the show’s success, with the production team utilizing an innovative file-based production workflow, allowing producers to keep the series both flexible and economical.

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Ken Jeong from Community NBC on the Tonight Show

By , April 26, 2010

Ken Jeong shows off his dance moves with Heidi Klum.

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NBC comedy ‘Community’ Post Production and Sound Mixing

By , April 16, 2010

If your interested in post production and sound mixing Jake Aust, Producer for the NBC comedy Community, and Mark Binder, Mixer, Sound Supervisor and Re-Recording mixer for the NBC comedy ‘Community’,  were guests of Avid community this week.

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The 88 to tour with The Kinks’ Ray Davies

By , February 17, 2010

The 88, who performs the theme for NBC’s Community, and have had songs featured in You Me and Dupree, Grey’s Anatomy, How I Met Your Mother, and ads for Sears and Target, are headed back in time to tour with The Kinks. Well, not really. Instead, they will be the back-up band for the upcoming solo tour by The Kinks’ singer and songwriter Ray Davies.

Information about the dates and tickets – Consequence of Sound.

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‘Community’: Joel McHale, Ken Jeong banter and befriend

By , November 19, 2009

It’s a Joel McHale and Ken Jeong day today and zap2it has some comedy routine that was part of the conference call that they had today. Here are some of them:

Exchange #1

Joel McHale: Who’s Ken Jeong?
Ken Jeong: I’m one of the costars that you don’t make eye contact with on the set.
Joel McHale: Now I remember. Please don’t directly address me on the phone Ken.
Ken Jeong: I’m sorry.
Joel McHale: Now [the reporters are] going to see the on-set tension that we clearly have.

Exchange #2

Ken Jeong: Joel McHale is kind enough to give me pages of notes. (To McHale) You literally get on your knees and start doing line readings in an Asian accent. My character doesn’t have an Asian accent.
Joel McHale:    Right and see, to you, you can’t, I mean, to you it doesn’t seems like an accent but to everyone else that’s what they’re hearing.
Ken Jeong: Yeah, even on his knees he still looks down on me both literally and figuratively.
Joel McHale: That’s true, much like Ryan Seacrest.
Ken Jeong: Yeah, I’m his Asian Seacrest apparently.
Joel McHale: Yeah.
Ken Jeong: A lot of good notes he does give me. A lot of movement, how to move my body around.
Joel McHale: Look, because when he’s just standing at rest he looks like Gollum and he’s hunched over like Gollum.
Ken Jeong: Yes, you’re not the only person in the cast to give me that note.
mchale-jeong Community

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Interview with Joel McHale co-starring Edward Norton and the cast of Community

By , November 16, 2009

Edward Norton & Joel McHale at PUMA’s African Bazaar

cast of Community and Joel McHale

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