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Alison Brie Is A Complex Woman

By , January 31, 2010

Alison Brie is one of television’s most versatile actresses, staring on both NBC’s Community and AMC’s Mad Men. She’s also super attractive and Complex Magazine seems to have taken note of that fact. The magazine recently sat down with Brie for their upcoming issue. To preview this, the magazine posted a short video of the shoot.

Source: Newestra

Alison Brie

An old interview with Alison Brie on Complex is here

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COMMUNITY “Interpretive Dance” Episode 14

By , January 20, 2010

COMMUNITY “Interpretive Dance” Episode 14 – The gang discovers that Jeff (Joel McHale) has a new girlfriend but he is determined to keep his affair a secret. Meanwhile, Troy (Donald Glover) and Britta (Gillian Jacobs) have secrets of their own and decide to share it with their friends. Chevy Chase, Yvette Nicole Brown, Danny Pudi and Alison Brie also star.

COMMUNITY “Interpretive Dance” Episode 14 will air Thursday January 21 2010 at 8pm on NBC.

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The cast of Community are BFFs and attend the NBC party at TCA

By , January 16, 2010

There’s a lot of talk about long hours on the Paramount Studios set of NBC’s sitcom “Community.’’ Quick shoots are rare. Overtime isn’t uncommon.

It’s a bad thing. Everyone agrees. But no one seems miffed about having to stay on the set just a little bit longer.

The actors aren’t intentionally trying to slow things down, explains Alison Brie, who plays the neurotic Annie Edison. It’s just that they like one another. “We all have a similar sense of humor,’’ she says. “When we’re on breaks, we’re in each other’s trailers.’’

“Community,’’ the newest addition to NBC’s Thursday night comedy lineup, follows a group of oddball characters of all ages who form a study group at a community college and become close friends despite their differences. New episodes resume tomorrow night at 8.

Most of the personalities involved with the show had never met one another before shooting the pilot for the show last year. But the cast – led by “The Soup’’ host Joel McHale and veteran funnyman Chevy Chase – clicked instantaneously, Brie says.

She and costar Danny Pudi, who plays the eccentric Abed, live in Pasadena, so they spend weekends brunching. Pudi recently helped costar Donald Glover, who plays a jock named Troy, move into a new apartment.

Chase, who plays the group’s weirdo senior classmate Pierce, had everyone over for a barbecue as soon as he moved to Los Angeles to start the show. Most of the cast gathered when Pudi’s mom was in town to watch a “Community’’ episode with her. It was a bash that the castmates still get giddy about, as if it were a sleepover party. And when Pudi needed to buy a suit for an NBC event, he went to the dapper McHale, who schooled him about how to dress like a television star.

“My body’s a little weird,’’ Pudi explains. “I have tiny legs. I don’t fit well in suits. They look like drapes. With Joel’s help, I found a really good suit. He helped me feel more comfortable about wearing a suit.’’

After some more thought, Pudi adds, “I have a giant man crush on him.’’

Read the full story on Live Journal

Community nbc

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In Leno vs. O’Brien, Fans Show Allegiance Online

By , January 15, 2010

In the fight between Conan and Leno, Alison Brie, the NBC sitcom “Community” actress took sides with Conan: “My heart belongs to Conan!” she stated on Twitter last weekend.

Read the full story on NY Times.

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Gravity – Jeff and Annie

By , November 16, 2009

A fan has already made a montage for Jeff (Joel McHale) and Adderall Annie’s (Alison Brie) very new romance — if you can even call it that. Even the show’s producer, Dan Harmon, is impressed as he tweeted:

I was told women watch TV differently than men, but wow. Great editing

[Source: Vulture]

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