Go Behind the Scenes of Community with Yvette Nicole Brown

By , November 19, 2009

Yvette Nicole Brown of NBC’s Community sat down with TVGuide.com, offering a taste of hilarious off-screen antics. Brown also teases what’s coming up with her character Shirley, the many relationships at the community college and who may be next to lock lips with Joel McHale.

Here are some highlights:

TVGuide.com: What’s the on-set reaction been to the full-season pickup for Community?
Yvette Nicole Brown:
It’s been amazing. Every week we’re finding out that more and more people are watching. We’re like, “Really? We got five more people? Awesome!” We’re looking at it as a grass-roots movement and every bit by bit we’re going to keep growing. Slow and steady wins the race, so we’re tortoises, maybe not hares.

TVGuide.com: A love triangle formed in last week’s episode between Brita, Annie and Jeff. Will that continue?
I think that was just for that episode. There’s an age difference involved. Well, we’re in Hollywood … age difference, what is that? I really think people want to see Annie with Troy [Donald Glover]. Annie’s had an unrequited crush for years on this guy and I’d love to see that go its natural course. I think Jeff and Brita will, of course, find their way together. That episode was just an anomaly, just like Pierce having a crush on Shirley … Hear that, writers? [Laughs]

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