Join the “Community” and Enroll at Greendale College

By , October 6, 2009

Alex Gerage, from Movie Viral loves Community and has some suggestions on how to improve the Greendale Community College website.
We like his suggestion on the admission page, so here it is, as we are hoping too that NBC is listening:

My biggest qualm with the page though is an opportunity missed with the “Admissions” section. It would have been easy and worthwhile to allow fans to “apply” to the school in exchange for email updates or access to further content. Instead, the site explains that we are already accepted to the college simply by visiting the website. Regardless, I give NBC credit for developing a viral that’s strongly immersed within the show’s narrative. Nearly every component of the viral site, although not explicitly stated (which is the point), has a connection with one of the episodes thus far. This should make fans of the series excited to visit the page and see Greendale for themselves.

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