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ifmagazine has an interview with the star of Community, Gillian Jacobs, who plays Brita. Here are some parts of the interview:

iF: Were you looking specifically to do comedy when you auditioned for COMMUNITY?

GILLIAN JACOBS: Well, I’d done a lot of independent drama, actually, a lot of really serious, humorless movies [laughs] in the last couple of years, so I was certainly really excited about the idea of doing [comedy]. I wasn’t necessarily looking to do a pilot this year, but I read the script and it made me laugh out loud, which very few scripts do, so when I went in, I was very excited about this project. I hadn’t done a lot of comedy before I did this pilot.

iF: Is your character Britta sort of the ‘straight’ person among the eccentrics in the study group?

JACOBS: A bit. It’s interesting, because in the pilot, definitely she’s the straight woman, and she’s responding to Jeff [played by Joel McHale], going, ‘You’re absurd, that’s outrageous, what are you doing?’ But then as the scripts go along, you start to see her quirks. She’s not a perfect character, she’s not without her own foibles, so those start to come out as the scripts go along.

iF: In which ways is Britta quirky?

JACOBS: I would say she has a fixation on seeming like she knows about fringe politics, she knows about things that are happening in different parts of the world that nobody else is paying attention to and maybe she feels a little bit smug about that, and she also wants to take care of all the people, and she wants Jeff to treat everyone well, but sometimes she gets blinded by that and maybe is not really focusing on what is actually best for a person. She’s the sort of girl who would say, ‘Popular/unpopular, that’s an absurd construct that you’ve created, I’m not going to buy into it.’ But she definitely takes a strong interest in all of the people in that study group and she wants them to do well. I think the great thing about this show is that it kind of puts the pin in everybody. Everybody comes in with an idea of themselves and how they present themselves to the world, and through the show, [we see], ‘Actually, this is the part of yourself that you’re not really acknowledging right now.’ So I think that happens to all of us.

iF: Do you have any real-life experience of community college?

JACOBS: When I was little, I took dance classes at community college. But I went to Juilliard, so that’s a very different kind of world. I went to school with 15 people, and I was kind of locked in a room with them for four years. That’s similar I guess to the study group, being locked in a room together.
gillian jacobs on Community

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