Community Producer: “Season 2 Is a Blank Canvas”

By , March 11, 2010 checked in with executive producer Dan Harmon to see what’s ahead for the students of Greendale. Here are some of the highlights: Congratulations on the Season 2 renewal. How does it feel?
Thank you very much. It’s very exciting. The feeling in the production offices is surprisingly normal. I guess we’re so close to the finish line for the end of the season, that somehow the human brain is capable of tucking that news away while we focus on the task at hand. Are you already tossing around ideas for Season 2?
Harmon: No, not at all really. We’ve never profited from thinking ahead on this show. We don’t hatch great schemes. I’m pretty proud to say that Season 2 is a blank canvas at this point. What can you tease for the last few episodes?
Harmon: The last two episodes will be incredibly rewarding to fans of the show and newcomers alike. The very last episode will move in accordance with the school year, so it will be their prom. There’s a transfer dance to honor all the kids who are transferring to real schools, none of which are our characters. It’s essentially a reunion because every single character that ever popped up is at this dance. This raises the question: What happens when your cast starts graduating?
Harmon: That is the scary thing about the show, but I also think that’s part of its secret allure. Jeff needs to replace his four-year degree, so we know that character is at that college for that. What we don’t know is what the other characters’ situations are. One of the first things we’ll do in Season 2 is actually call our shots there and start saying what their situations are.

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