Community Episode 10: “Environmental Science”

By , November 20, 2009

We hope you enjoyed last night’s episode of Community.

We agree with Alan Sepinwall review:

This was a really strong night for all four of NBC’s comedies, and this week I think “Community” was my favorite of the bunch. I’m always more kindly disposed to comedies with multiple storylines if they find a way to tie them all together (see the best episodes of both “Seinfeld” and “30 Rock”), and the climactic sequence here – with Abed and Troy’s duet of “Somewhere Out There”(*) accompanying both Shirley’s presentation and the Senor/Senora Chang dance reunion – was both hilarious and oddly touching.

(*) In case you didn’t get the reference, or why Abed called his rat “Fyvel,” see the original performance from “An American Tail.”

Here are some clips for you, and don’t forget to fight fair and not use “Pepper Water:

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