Community Episode 1 – Pilot

By , September 17, 2009

Content: A lawyer (Joel McHale) whose degree has been revoked forms a study group.

We hope you liked it and continue watching Community TV show.

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10 Responses to “Community Episode 1 – Pilot”

  1. J says:

    Loved the show tonight! We laughed out loud – really enjoyed it and didn’t want it to end.

  2. admin says:

    We are glad that you liked it and thanks for reading. Tell your friends and blog/tweet about this site too.

  3. Mark Edson says:

    Sorry, but this show didn’t give me even one laugh. It was totally unfunny. The dialogue was terrible and actually didn’t make much sense. Were there supposed to be funny lines there. The lines went in one ear and out the other. Awful 1st show. However, I’m game to watch one or two more episodes and just pray that it starts to make more sense. I mean, come on, a former lawyer who wants all the test answers? Why???????????

  4. Mark Edson says:

    Where are the laughs? Not funny at all. Sorry but the dialogue for these characters was just awful.

  5. S. Brooks says:

    The disparagement of Asperger’s Syndrome was not funny. Incredibly poor taste. Shame on NBC for mocking a neurological condition that is isolating and painful. Is leukemia funny? Diabetes?
    Asperger’s is big in the news these days and so the writers seize on it assuming it is fair game for laughs. You are going in the wrong direction. I wonder if in the course of this season there will be a correction of this offensive portrayal. I really hope so.

  6. JaVee says:

    I like the show and the Asperger Syndrome bit didn’t bother me at all because I don’t get the sense that the show is trying to demean AS, but to include a character with AS to show variety and interest; we can see humor with lawyers, high school drop outs, jocks, workaholics, pompous professors, and whatever but we can’t see humor in people with Asperger? Leukemia and diabetes are diseases not personality-type. The criticism about AS is not a valid criticism on this funny show with a lot of potential. I laughed out loud and I can’t wait for the next show.

  7. Kelly G says:

    I really loved the pilot – laugh out loud funny! I hope this show goes far. I think the whole “Community” cast was PERFECTLY CAST for this show! Good on ya, guys! Can’t wait to see more

  8. Jess G says:

    I absolutely love this show, it is so funny, fresh, original, spot on, the cast is great, yeah for Chevy Chase! I’m still laughing about it and spreading the word to anyone who likes comedy. Keep this show going!

  9. admin says:

    We are glad that you love the show. Tell your, blog and twitt about this fans site!

  10. John Bender says:

    Love the show. Find the comedy ingenious. Making this show one of my regular must-see.

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