Chevy Chase enjoys newest acting ‘Community’ [Boston Herald]

By , October 15, 2009

Chevy Chase has an interview in the Boston Herald, here is the interesting parts:
Chevy Chase never had any intention of doing a TV sitcom. “I don’t watch them,” Chase said in a recent interview in Pasadena, Calif. “I find them the lowest form of television, but this was very funny and it’s so well-written.” The “this” he referred to is the NBC comedy “Community”.

“It’s a leap of faith to do a show,” he said. “But it has little effect on me at this point. I’m not a young guy looking to launch a career. I had a very good career and I’m very happy. If this somehow goes in the dumper, it’s no skin off my back. But I don’t think that’s going to happen because the scripts have been great.”

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