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New Community Quote Site!

By , November 21, 2010

Checkout – a great new Community Quotes website!

NBC comedy ‘Community’ Post Production and Sound Mixing

By , April 16, 2010

If your interested in post production and sound mixing Jake Aust, Producer for the NBC comedy Community, and Mark Binder, Mixer, Sound Supervisor and Re-Recording mixer for the NBC comedy ‘Community’,  were guests of Avid community this week.

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Luis Guzman Interview

By , November 28, 2009

Sacurrent has an interview with Luis Guzman. Luis Guzman was mentioned in one of the episodes of Community NBC, and they asked him about it:

You were mentioned on an episode of the NBC comedy Communitywhere they erected a statue in your honor on the college campus. Did they call you up for that and ask permission?

That was [director] Joe Russo. I did a movie with him called Welcome to Collinwood. They called me up about it. For me, for someone to do this, I thought it was an absolute honor and was flattered by it. It’s cool when people ask you to do stuff like that.

luis guzman

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Hulu Tags and Community NBC

By , November 23, 2009

Mashable explained earlier today how to use the new Hulu tags by giving an example using NBC’s “Community”:

Although Hulu’s search function is generally pretty solid, finding specific content if you don’t know an episode title or discovering new content can sometimes be difficult. Today, Hulu is going to make finding and discovering that much easier by adding support for site-wide tags.

Where tags really become useful is in discovering new content. For instance, clicking on the tag “college” on the page for NBC’s “Community” brings me to this listing:
hulu community
I’m presented with movies, TV shows, and episode clips that have been given the tag “college” and I can drill down to exclude certain content (like if I only want to view full episodes and I want it of a certain TV show).

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Community on Twitter

By , November 16, 2009

NBC is trying to get at least 3,000 followers for their Community Twitter account: nbccommunity, and they are planning to give these puppies:

community sweetshits

So follow nbccommunity but also follow our fansite twitter at:
communitynbc !

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Writer's stint in community college paid off in comedy series

By , November 5, 2009

The JS Online has an interview with “Community” creator Dan Harmon. Here is a part of the interview:

It was sex – or rather something other than sex – that made Dan Harmon want to go to community college.

A few years back, the creator of the new NBC comedy “Community” was trying to keep alive his relationship with his girlfriend. That in turn sent him off to Glendale Community College, where he ended up learning some lessons about life that he didn’t expect.

First things first, though. The relationship, you may have guessed, didn’t work out.

“As you can imagine, if you’re getting to the point to come up with ways to save your relationship, you’re never actually going to save it,” Harmon says. “That’s a symptom of a doomed relationship.”

The plan had been that the two of them would take a Spanish class together so they could “force each other to work on something that isn’t sex.” His girlfriend, though, was also taking a dance class, and finding himself with down time on his hands, Harmon signed up for psychology and biology classes.

Besides, although Los Angeles Community College would have been closer, he had looked through the catalog and liked what Glendale Community College had to offer.

A matter of degrees [source:]

By , November 3, 2009

Not directly connected to the show, but interesting news for the community colleges out there:

ACOMMUNITY COLLEGE is the setting for a sitcom on NBC, but the health and improvement of the nation’s community colleges is no joke.

In fact, if President Obama has his way, community colleges will be an engine of the economic recovery.

It looks as if millions of students already have the same idea: About 40 percent of 18-24 year olds – a record – are in college, says a new study by the Pew Research Center. Recent gains are attributed to a surge in enrollment at community colleges. (Community College of Philadelphia’s 36,000 students represents a 10.5 percent increase over last year.)

The White House says that, in the future, there will be twice as many jobs requiring an associate degree than those that require no college. Another study, by the Democratic Leadership Council, says that that jobs for people with associate degrees – in computers, health care and “green” jobs – will grow even faster than jobs for people with bachelor’s degrees.

So President Obama’s call for a $12 billion investment in community colleges, the American Graduation Initiative, is a critical component in bringing down spiking unemployment, and in developing jobs that will be relevant in the future.

Obama has set a goal of adding five million community-college graduates in the next 10 years, with the emphasis on graduation, not just enrollment. In general, community colleges have a much lower graduation rate than four-year colleges.

His plan includes $7 billion in competitive grants, which would be used to fund innovative programs to boost graduation rates, like partnerships with businesses, dual programs with high schools, even personalized help for students.

The plan also includes $2.5 billion in seed money to leverage $10 billion in funds to build new facilities, and it would provide federal help to increase the use of the Internet in education by developing an online skills laboratory.

A version of the initiative passed the U.S. House in September as part of an overhaul of government funding of education. But the House version provides only $10 billion of the $12 billion for which Obama has asked.

When the bill is introduced in the Senate, we urge senators Specter and Casey to fight for full funding. Improving community colleges is, you should pardon the expression, a “no-brainer.”


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Danny Pudi does Batman for hilarious 'Community' Halloween [source: Chicago Now]

By , October 29, 2009

In the comedy’s Halloween episode Thursday, Pudi’s socially awkward Abed tones down his frenetic persona to be the Dark Knight at the Day of the Dead party his classmate, Annie (Alison Brie), is throwing for their Spanish class.

“It was such a treat to play Batman,” Chicago native Pudi told Chicago Now via e-mail Wednesday. “But it wasn’t the first time. There was one Halloween … around 1990 when I played the Dark Knight. That Batman was a little more innocent and the costume wasn’t as good. I believe it was from Walgreens and made of plastic.”

Tonight’s episode, directed by “The Fast and the Furious” helmer Justin Lin, is mostly a showcase for his more famous co-star, that guy named Chevy Chase, whose non-traditional student Pierce, with the aid of illegal drugs and a Beastmaster costume, comes to terms with being old. It’s a marvelous episode filled with sharp social commentary and great physical comedy from Chase.
“I spent much of the week laughing at the insanity,” Pudi wrote. “Chevy Chase plays Beastmaster complete with a fake bird on his arm. I’m just happy I was there to witness that.”

Read the full story here.

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Chevy Chase on Community NBC [source: craveonline]

By , September 16, 2009

Crave Online has an interview with NBC’s Community Star Chevy Chase.

Chevy Chase

NBC Community new website

By , September 8, 2009

With the show’s debut 9 days away NBC launched the updated site
While not everything is working yet (games…), the site looks pretty cool.

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