‘Community’ Creator Writes to Child, Disses Spielberg and Wins Our Hearts

By , March 31, 2010

On her Tumblr blog over the weekend, Kelly Oxford wrote about an interaction she’d had with Mr. Harmon. When her 7-year-old daughter, Salinger, started having nightmares after seeing the animated film “Monster House,” for which Mr. Harmon shared the screenplay credit with Rob Schrab and Pamela Pettler, Ms. Oxford wrote to Mr. Harmon, semi-sarcastically:

It’s been 3 nights of her waking up crying and I totally blame you. You should come over and rationalize the entire thing to her. Okay, maybe you could just write her a note because she doesn’t believe I know the creator of her nightmares.

Rather than respond with a patronizing form letter, Mr. Harmon sent Salinger a thoughtful reply that also offered a remarkably candid look at the nightmare world of Hollywood and how movies get made.

“Dear Salinger,” Mr. Harmon wrote:

Your Mom told me about Monster House scaring you. It sounds like one of the things that upset you is the fact that the house kept wanting to hurt people even after nobody wanted to hurt it anymore.

I will tell you a secret that sounds so silly, you might not believe it, but this is true: I never finished writing Monster House before my bosses turned it into a movie. And then different writers, people I don’t even know, changed the story in lots of ways, and the movie that you saw was not the story I wanted to tell you.

I think a good story, even if it is sad or scary while you’re watching it, should always make you a little less scared after you’ve seen it. … And that didn’t happen in Monster House.

I hope one day I can finish writing a movie that they don’t change so much, and if you see it, I hope it makes you happy. Until then, I heard that Wall-E is very good, you should go see that. And next time Monster House is on, just remember that the guy that wrote it told you it was dumb.

Read the full story on NY Times.

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Craig Ferguson and Joel McHale share a laugh

By , March 31, 2010

Craig Ferguson leaves Madeo restaurant following dinner with his wife Megan and his fellow TV host Joel McHale. The pair have been working together this week on Craig’s chat show, “The Late Show with Craig Ferguson”, which aired yesterday (March 30th).


Source: Accidental Sexiness

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Battle of the Nudity: Ken vs. Joel

By , March 31, 2010

For television you might need naked bodies to be good looking, but for movies… Not so much!

Community April Fool’s Day

By , March 31, 2010

With April Fool’s Day right around the corner, Greendale knows there will be plenty of pranks. However, the most important part is staying safe, that’s why you need to know the rules of pranking. Head over to the official show site and read through the college’s “What To Know” pamphlet for the guide to a fun April Fool’s Day.

Community prank

All pranks should comply with the Fire Code. For example, the following are prohibited:

  • Locking others in rooms
  • Blocking off a courtyard area
  • Any other prank which does not leave at least two (2) unobstructed exits from any area.

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Community on ‘Transformers 3′

By , March 23, 2010

Ken Jeong, from ” NBC’s “Community”, has joined the cast of  “Transformers 3.”, though its unknown what role he will play.

“Transformers 3″ is set to open July 1, 2011, just in time to make you want to drink even more at your 4th of July BBQ.

Source: The Wrap.

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Community/NBC Thursday Promo for March 25

By , March 23, 2010

Community Clips

By , March 21, 2010

Between Friends

Jeff opens up and Pierce decides to fight for his life at sea.

Problems at the Gym

Señor Chang’s clothes are stolen… yet, again!

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Jeff Re-Enacts the Pottery Scene from ‘Ghost’ on ‘Community’

By , March 21, 2010

There’s just one rule in pottery class on ‘Community’ (Thu., 8PM ET on NBC). No re-enactments of the Patrick Swayze/Demi Moore scene in ‘Ghost.’ Is that so hard to follow? Not for Jeff, who just can’t help himself. Nor can he help himself from humming The Righteous Brothers’ ‘Unchained Melody’ on his way out the door after getting kicked out of class.

Source: AOL

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“Community” News From Channel 2

By , March 19, 2010

Channel 2 preempted an original episode of the NBC comedy “Community” yesterday to carry a special that is important to the Western New York community.

The station ran a special on prostate cancer that is sponsored by Roswell Park. However, it plans to run “Community” at 2:30 p.m. Saturday.

Jim Toellner, Channel 2′s general manager, said the station made the decision to run the special tonight when NBC had planned to run a repeat of “Community.” The network changed its mind and decided to run an original episode. The move hasn’t prompted community outrage, but Toellner said the NBC affiliate has received some calls from fans of “Community.” One of the stars of the series, Ken Jeong, even called Channel 2′s programming department after he got a tweet from a fan about the station’s plans.

“It will be interesting to see if ‘Community’ does a better rating on Saturday because of the controversy,” said Toellner.

Source: Buffalo News

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Muslims, the Stereotype Du Jour on NBC’s ‘Community’

By , March 19, 2010

I am an Jewish-Israeli living in the U.S. and while I love Community, I still had similar feelings to the Imran who wrote on ELAN the post about Muslims stereotypes in Community. Here are some of his points:
Abed’s dad and sister come from Gaza which is highly probable and not outrageous given the occupation and restricted access to travel they would have. I’m completely convinced that they would go through hell on earth to travel to America for something as silly as a community college’s Family Day. But it’s just a sitcom and crazier things have happened on television.

The daughter, Abra is (surprise, surprise) wearing full niqab and is referred to as “wearing a burka” throughout the show by even the Muslim characters (also, she’s the only one who is speaking non-gibberish Arabic). They establish right away that the reason she’s wearing it is because her father won’t let her take it off because he’s a monster. She just wants to jump around in the astro jump thing they have set up at the picnic, come on Dad!

Later Abra is “freed” by one of Abed’s female friend’s kids who help form a distraction so that she can go enjoy herself in the Astro Jump thing, burka-free. Albeit the episode wasn’t morally heavy, it still made a strange and somewhat awkward point about oppressed Muslim women and backward nonexistent Arab/Indian hybrids.

What do you think?

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