Donald Glover, From “Community”, On Black History Month

By , February 28, 2010
Donald Glover @ Shades of Black - Mar 1, 2008
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Here are the thoughts of comedian Donald Glover, 26, who plays Troy on the NBC sitcom “Community.” on  Black History Month:

“We [America] are made of so many different parts. That’s important, to look at all the achievements that have been made. As for Black History Month in general, I’m kinda like, ‘Eh. Not that it’s a bad thing, but I don’t think a month is really substantial. I don’t think it’s a thing that can be bundled into a month. In a larger aspect, I don’t want to be categorized. I think a lot of African Americans have a lot of trouble trying to break out of categories of what people think they are and who they are, and you don’t ever want to label yourself.”

Source: Sun Times

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Community – Episode 1.18 – Beginner Pottery – March 18th

By , February 27, 2010
Alison Brie
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03/18/2010 (08:00PM – 08:30PM) (Thursday) : “Beginner Pottery”-JEFF SHOWS OFF HIS COMPETITIVE SIDE IN POTTERY CLASS-Jeff (Joel McHale) unexpectedly takes interest in his new pottery class when another student shows natural talent. Meanwhile, Pierce (Chevy Chase) brings Britta (Gillian Jacobs), Shirley (Yvette Nicole Brown) and Troy (Donald Glover) along for a ride at his boating class. Ken Jeong, Danny Pudi and Alison Brie also star.

Source: NBC

Read more:

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‘Community’ gets chance to grow

By , February 25, 2010

“The thing I love about NBC is that comedies have a chance to grow their legs,” said Gillian Jacobs, who plays Britta. Jacobs and her cast mates talked about the show’s future during a recent set visit at Paramount Studios in Hollywood. “NBC allowed ’30 Rock’ to find its legs, they allowed ‘The Office’ to find its audience, and look at ‘Parks and Recreation.’ It really is taking off this year.”
Dan Harmon, the creator, head writer and executive producer behind “Community” describes NBC’s Thursday-night comedy lineup as a brand and his show as a part of that brand. “We’re like an emcee for an evening of fantastic comedy,” Harmon said. “They put us on at 8 o’clock and we really hold our ground.”

From The Detroit News.

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McHale Hits the Road: Will It Lead to Your Town?

By , February 22, 2010

Joel McHale, the star of NBC’s hit sitcom Community, will be taking to the national pavement once again, bringing his brand of undeniable yucks to select cities:

• April 30: Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, NV

• May 7: Mystic Lake Casino, Minneapolis, MN

• May 8: Chicago Theater, Chicago, IL

• June 25 and 26: Borgata Casino, Atlantic City, NJ

Read more: E! Online
McHale Community NBC

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Katharine McPhee Photos On NBC’s COMMUNITY Episode 17 March 4th

By , February 19, 2010

Some photos of Katharine McPhee guest starring as Mike on NBC’s COMMUNITY “Basic Genealogy” Episode 17 airing Thursday March 4 (9:30-10 p.m. ET) coming to us from Daemon’s TV.
Episode Synopsis: COMMUNITY “Basic Genealogy” Episode 17 – Jeff tries to help Pierce connect with his stepdaughter (Katharine McPhee) on Greendale’s Family Day.

Katharine-McPhee Community 1

Katharine-McPhee Community 2

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Community in the Paley Center

By , February 18, 2010

Community cast and creative team will be at the Paley Center on Wednesday, March 3, 2010 7:00 pm PT

Get tickets here.

Joel McHale, “Jeff Winger”
Chevy Chase, “Pierce”
And additional members of the cast and creative team.

Boasting a crack ensemble cast led by Joel McHale as wisecracking disgraced lawyer Jeff Winger, Community follows the misadventures of a quirky group of students at Greendale Community College, an institute of less than higher learning. Creator Dan Harmon’s cult credentials are impeccable—he’s behind Channel 101 and The Sarah Silverman Program, among other alt-comedy favorites—and Community is an intriguing and wholly successful move into mainstream, ready-for-primetime entertainment. A critical and popular success, Community delights with its rapid-fire, off-kilter comedy, its fundamentally humane heart, and a perfectly deployed Chevy Chase as ragingly inappropriate moist towelette tycoon Pierce Hawthorne.

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Alison Brie On Shifting Between ‘Mad Men’ And ‘Community’

By , February 18, 2010

TV Squad has an interview with Alison Brie, on of the stars of ‘Community’. Here are the highlights:

What are we going see from Annie coming up?
Well, I think we’re gonna see Annie maturing a little bit more, and she develops a love interest in the next couple episodes. You see her mature in certain ways, I think, and just in terms of how naïve she is, I think you do kind of see her growing.

Was it tough to play someone who’s 18 and just out of high school?
No! I don’t know why it’s easy for me to connect with that part of myself. And you know, it wasn’t that long ago, so it’s easy, and it’s fun for me to connect with that part, that sheltered girl that is having her first crush and her first kiss, and try to relive those moments through Annie.

Whereas ‘Community’ (compared to “Mad-Man”) is more free-flowing jokes?
Absolutely. It’s just a crazy free-for-all. Again, we do have great respect for the writing and for the work, but because it’s a comedy, I think they want us to have that much fun all the time, and it trickles into the episodes, you know?

Alison Brie

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The 88 to tour with The Kinks’ Ray Davies

By , February 17, 2010

The 88, who performs the theme for NBC’s Community, and have had songs featured in You Me and Dupree, Grey’s Anatomy, How I Met Your Mother, and ads for Sears and Target, are headed back in time to tour with The Kinks. Well, not really. Instead, they will be the back-up band for the upcoming solo tour by The Kinks’ singer and songwriter Ray Davies.

Information about the dates and tickets – Consequence of Sound.

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Joel McHale Hosted the ACE

By , February 16, 2010
McHale at the Paley Center's 6th annual celebr...
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The 60th Annual ACE Eddie Awards, Feb. 14, recognized the outstanding editing of 2009. Top honors for Best Edited Feature Film, Drama went to The Hurt Locker, edited by Bob Murawski and Chris Innis, while Best Edited Feature Film, Comedy or Musical went to The Hangover editor Debra Neil-Fisher, A.C.E.

The black-tie ceremony was held in the International Ballroom of the Beverly Hilton Hotel with over 1,000 in attendance to celebrate the achievements in the art and craft of editing. The glittering, crystal-embellished stage was a fitting backdrop for the star-studded event. ACE president Randy Roberts, A.C.E. presided over the evening, which was produced by the organization’s executive director, Jenni McCormick. Joel McHale, the star of Talk Soup and NBC’s Community, served as the evening’s master of ceremonies. He quipped to the enthusiastic crowd that, “Without editors, films would be wandering, confusing and hundreds of hours long.”

Source: BTL News

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Community Chances For 2nd Season

By , February 15, 2010

Two websites, two different views:

The TV Addict – Good News:
Working in its favor: The show seems to get funnier week after week. Plus, if there’s one thing NBC does do right, it’s nurture ratings anemic freshman comedies (see: THE OFFICE, PARKS AND RECREATION and 30 ROCK)
Working against it: Emphasis on ‘ratings anemic,’ with COMMUNITY averaging a mere five million viewers and regularly coming fourth in its timeslot.
Renewal Odds: Positive.

TV Squad:
As for the comedies, ‘Community’ is weak ratings wise, but so is ‘Parks & Recreation.’ If one has to go to make way for new product, it’ll be ‘Community.’ Still to be determined is ‘Parenthood,’ which has aired yet. NBC needs a massive cardiac jolt so don’t be shocked to see nice shows like ‘Community’ and ‘Mercy’ dumped. It’s not fair, but that’s TV.

We are still hoping for the best…

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