NBC Community New Videos

By , August 28, 2009

NBC released the new Community video about Greendale’s Community College Affordability!

Greendale’s Second Straight A: Affordability

10 new shows worth sampling and one of them is Community

By , August 27, 2009
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Winnipegsun.com lists 10 shows worth watching, and one of them is community:

Community” (NBC, Sept. 17). No disrespect meant to community colleges, but this one (Greendale Community College) is an ideal backwater for goof balls, schemers and slackers. Sharp writing and a classy ensemble (including Joel McHale, John Oliver and Chevy Chase) earn the very funny pilot an A-plus.

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The SFGate loves NBC's Community

By , August 27, 2009

From the SFGate: “The fall’s funniest pilot is “Community,” a sort of classroom version of companion NBC comedy “The Office.” Here, a variety of losers (played by Chevy Chase, John Oliver and Joel McHale of “The Soup,” among others) enroll at a second-rate community college for any number of reasons, none of them connected with higher education.”

Read the SFGate reviews of other shows here.

Introducing NBC's Community Forums

By , August 26, 2009

The Forums are now OPEN!

Come and chat about NBC’s hit Community College!

NBC Community news [Aug 25 09]

By , August 25, 2009

Lisa from Left Coast Cowboys says she never watched even one episode of SeinfeldFriends or Cheers, but she is going to watch NBC Community.  read why she is going to watch it.

Low awareness for NBC Community

By , August 24, 2009

TV Screener reports that that Nielsen has released the results of “awareness studies” re: the new fall TV series, and, suprisingly in the report NBC’s Community got low scores.

Colleges Review NBC Community [source: insidehighered]

By , August 24, 2009

Last week, community college employees and attendees got their first look at “Community”. Not surprisingly, opinions about the show are mixed.  See who liked it and who didn’t at Inside Higher Ed.

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Some information about Greendale Community College

By , August 20, 2009

Question: How much does a credit hour costs at Greendale Community College?

Answer: $64 per credit hour

Question: Are there any prerequisites to study at Greendale Community College?

Answer: No! at GCC, you’re already accepted!

Question: What are thes straight A’s of GCC?

Answer: The Straight A’s of Greendale Community College

  • Accessibility
  • Affordability
  • Air Conditioning
  • Awesome New Friends
  • A Lot of Classes

Question: What’s GCC website address?

Answer: You can find Greendale Community College website here.

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By , August 20, 2009

the Dean of Admissions, Pat Isakson (played by series creator Dan Harmon) welcomes potential students to the school by presenting the straight A’s of Greendale:

  • Accessibility,
  • Affordability,
  • Air Conditioning,
  • Awesome New Friends and
  • A Lot of Classes.
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Some new reviews about community

By , August 18, 2009

The  Dartmouth says that Community’s has  astounding comedic potential. They also have some reviews of other shows for the fall.

However, at ajchristian, Aymar says Community lacks the hardest things to manufacture: relatable characters and compelling storylines.

Find out why Johnny is scared after watching the pilot of Community.

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